Knotz + Earth Day

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[Re]duce. [Re]use. [Re]purpose. 

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You’ve bought a bowtie, you’ve had conversations about the bowties, you’ve spread the word, you’ve read our emails, you’ve shared our content and you friend, are the reason small brands like us have a lasting impact.
Today we say thank you for being an integral part of our mission to repair the planet.
One bowtie at a time. 

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As master upcyclers, Earth Day ( April 22nd) is like a Birthday to us. Each year we release something new, special, and good for the environment.
This year, we designed Spring Social, a Parent collection made over the course of 8 weeks and voted on by our Social Media followers along with a sub, ooak collection [Plated] that includes our special sauce whipped into old and out of shape neckties to make them new again. 

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