Google + Knotz

When receiving an interview request from Google Teamsters at the end of August, leads to an extremely awesome and inspirational video about our Founder and recognition from the CEO of Google...

Journey to Knotzland

The Big Pour + Knotz

What do you do when invited to the Big Pour? - Have a brew, of course. Well in this case we had beer with a side of #beerties...



Around late July/Early August, we were asked by Monmade to set up alongside fellow producers; Workerbird, Klo Rebel and Kerfcase to bring some Pittsburghy/ Beer Inspired merch to the Pour.  Our offering came in the form of #Beerties



This also happened to be Mckenzie & Ariel's very first Knotzland pop-up and they were a dynamic-duo for sure!!


Charming the craft beer connoisseurs and nearly selling out of #beerties! 


Alex also came through to lend a hand, throw on a bow tie, take no shortage of rad photos! 


(Below:crowd of nearly 3,500 Pour-Goers) 


Josiah + Knotz [Customer Stories]

Meet Josiah,

Josiah purchased a tie for a headshot as a part of YNGBLKPGH. When we met him he was immediately drawn to this bowtie that had been in our collection for quite some time. While packing up our bowties to present to him we had a feeling that this one would resonate with him due to his work at a local non-profit. Never ever would we have imagined that there was a much bigger back story. Josiah then wore the bowtie home one weekend, while at his mom house she immediately recognized the print and went to pull out this pillow. A pillow that Josiah says had been in their family for years, but he hasn't seen it in awhile. "I remember growing up and my mom saying this was how we wanted our family to be; diverse and all together hand and hand. So this is why I was so drawn to this tie in particular!"


Thank you Josiah!

Ashley Cecil + Thread + Modesto & Knotz

Earth Day is [Everyday]

People Working Together to make the Planet Better for All

Collaboration story told by Nisha B.

  • January 2017- Met with Ashley Cecil at her studio in TheShop to discuss the concept, fabric, and colors for the Earth Day Bowties. Her suggestion was that we create two different patterns for the bowties that would include - a botanical pattern of plants found in Pennsylvania, and a pattern of African Penguins, the beloved residents of the National Aviary which are also an endangered species.


  • February 2017- Ashley then created the illustration and delivered the files to Modesto Studios, while I stopped by Thread International to pick up our foundation fabrics. Their VP Bill Besselman welcomed us  with open arms!! He literally gave us the unique opportunity to pick whatever, and however much we wanted to use for the collab- even tossing in some of Thread's black canvas and newly received raw indigo denim (we got the first cut of it!)
  • March 2017 (early) -  I then stopped by to have a design chat with Brad, who had already been scaling and working on Ashley's Illustrations for the ties. By this time we were still in testing but had all agreed on color and concept of the Plant Botanicals that appear on the Soda Green fabric and did further testing of colors that would pop- off the Heather Gray piece that would hold the African Penguins
  • March 2017 (middle) - tweaked the African Penguin's bowtie colors one last time. Ashley was drawn to brighter and bolder while I was leaning a tad deeper and darker. Brad at Modesto did a fantastic job mixing something together that we both agreed was perfect
  • March 2017 (also mid)- Brad stopped by Everyday Cafe, our new coffee shop in Homewood to deliver the final fabric and it was better, far better than one could've imagined. We immediately took it back to the studio where one of our seamstresses, Shayla spent a few Saturday hours with me starting the collection. This was particularly nice because Shayla was training and it gave her a chance to work with such cool fabric. We both mentioned how awesome and easily workable Thread's Ground to Good textiles were and were pleased with the overall outcome. Monday our in-shop seamstress Nicole added the final touches to the bowties.
  • March (late) - Our Photographer Alex Corrie took the photos and got them prepared for the launch. 

Cue Perry + Knotz [Contributing Artist]

Introducing our newest Collab Collection with Pittsburgh Based Artist, Cue Perry.  He takes an unconventional view of social, political and cultural topics Perry deconstructs pop culture, visually represents the randomness present in daily life. and promotes thinking outside of the box through layering images and concepts in his work.

We had a wonderful time with him joining us in the studio to do a live installation of his work while being photographed by our very own Alex Corrie!

Celebrate + The Wins

This week got super lucky! Nicole and Benjamin, a Couple that we met a while.. almost a year ago at the Ace Hotel Vintage Market boomeranged back and donated a TON of exclusive fabric to us from her stash that would've otherwise been of no use to her new space. Sweet Nicole delivered 3 huge bags to our studio doorstep.

..That same week we got a random phone call from a friend that Nisha has known over 15 years telling us that she had found sewing machines in her old office building!! Thank you Teona, a week full of kindness!