Knotz + The W Hotel Times Square

We've Got Big News!

It has been one hot summer but we've been keeping it cool. Much of our days have been dedicated to summer weddings, training new sewing designers, and a dynamic retail experience in NYC!

Our brand has been selected to partake in a retail experience in the W New York - Times Square, a boutique hotel known for it's chill vibes and eclectic mix of well-dressed patrons. In traditional Knotzland fashion, we thoughtfully designed a collection that nods to our commitment to community through culturally diverse textiles, sustainability through use of unconventional materials, and personal expression through use of gender fluid tones and hues.

If you happen to be in the area, please join us on August 9th from 6pm to 9pm at the hotel for "Cocktails & Conversations" where our founder, Nisha will discuss our story, inspiration for the collection, and the growth of the Artisan Designer communities in Pittsburgh. 

About the Style Lab:

Holding true to our iconic New York City theme with a touch of prestige, the lab brings together an impressive roster of local and emerging designers. From ethically repurposed clothing to innovative, exclusive looks, the brands involved are pushing boundaries and encouraging shoppers to lend their support to new causes

Visit W Style Lab inside the W Hotel floor 7 from 11am -7pm

Visit W Style Lab inside the W Hotel floor 7 from 11am -7pm

Looking to purchase locally? Check out our Stockist list to find a location near you or schedule a visit to our studio/showroom inside of 7800 Susquehanna!

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