Beginners Guide to Ethical Shopping

Black Friday is among us and we know this is the time of the year when we are viciously bombarded with the word SALE SALE SALE. 

Now, to many this is a go getter's opportunity to stock up holiday gifts and things that you wouldn't normally buy because they are now affordable.  But to the environment it means the opposite. This frenzy of hyper consumption ends up contributing to 25% more landfill than we ever need ( or should want) to add to an existing problem.

Lebanon Waste Crisis

Lebanon Waste Crisis

The problem is that when we attach the word "Sale" to something- subconsciously it loses value but increases the consumer's likelihood of purchasing because of the price-tag.

Think about it

Do you spend more time thinking about the recipient if the gift is on sale?


Do you have a deeper thought process about the recipient  if you actually have to consider spending more of your hard-earned coins on someone because the object (and person) is special enough to spend on?

 Believe me, as a recipient of useless gifts I know when it's a thought vs a Sale item-

Just saying...

Quality over Quantity rules any day because most of the "Sale" things end up in landfills