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Yep. We're pretty into improving our ethics here in Knotzland. This week, we had the pleasure of attending our first local clothing swap. This event invited men, women, and children to swap their gently used items for new gently used items-or not take anything at all.



  Our founder checked in with 5 bags and left with two great pieces that will certainly stand the test of time; a crisp vintage Ralph Lauren blazer and a sweet pair of Dior trousers that still had the tag!

 The idea is to allow perfect clothing to have a second chance at life, ultimately helping to reduce the fashion waste that often occurs when you throw a bag of clothes on the curb.

 While swapping, you could also enjoy a buffet spread w/ buttermilk biscuits and gravy to die for!! (And the servers are extremely friendly!) 

We would like to have more menswear to choose from though-dude donate!

Nisha BlackwellComment