The Big Pour + Knotz

What do you do when invited to the Big Pour? - Have a brew, of course. Well in this case we had beer with a side of #beerties...



Around late July/Early August, we were asked by Monmade to set up alongside fellow producers; Workerbird, Klo Rebel and Kerfcase to bring some Pittsburghy/ Beer Inspired merch to the Pour.  Our offering came in the form of #Beerties



This also happened to be Mckenzie & Ariel's very first Knotzland pop-up and they were a dynamic-duo for sure!!


Charming the craft beer connoisseurs and nearly selling out of #beerties! 


Alex also came through to lend a hand, throw on a bow tie, take no shortage of rad photos! 


(Below:crowd of nearly 3,500 Pour-Goers)