Made in Pittsburgh, USA

Founded in August of 2014 by Nisha Blackwell, who decided to leave her job at a local coffee shop, began brewing up her own ideas. Spurred by a passion for entrepreneurship and building an environmentally friendly business, Knotzland became a reality. Why bowties and men’s accessories? The idea snowballed after she had the unique opportunity to turn a friend's grandfather’s favorite old shirt into a bowtie as a gift for him. This one of a kind piece represented pizazz yet incorporated sentimental value—a wearable piece of happiness! The bowtie was a hit and the idea of continuing to repurpose for this use took hold. Additionally, Blackwell also recognized the opportunities this venture held for other creatives like herself.

The concept, originally named [Have.Knotz], was nurtured by warm memories of her childhood where she would frequently spend Saturdays in thrift shops with her mother and grandmother, digging through wonderful and rare items they could reclaim as their own. These times left an indelible impression on her. The unique experience of selecting and fixing up old items of clothing and other treasures became a joy of trial and error. Fast forwarding to today - the once ill-fitted items doomed for possible fashion purgatory, became the first resource stash for creating and mastering her one of a kind pieces. Crafting fashion utilizing materials rich with memories and creating stories of transformation have become the fuel that fires Knotzland.

Knotzland Bowties

We take upmost pride in our sustainable stance. Often we take for granted the items that we already have here on earth and easily turn them into waste while continually producing more than we need.  The fashion industry is good at creating waste and horrible effects on our ecosystem - Knotzland's mission is to change that narrative. With our stylish bowties, we are able to invite a wide range of people into the slow fashion conversation- without sacrificing style or quality.




& keeping style a key priority 

Knotzland is proud to offer today's stylish and dapper guy a new and unique experience. Our creative custom accessories are fast becoming go-to items for men and women of all style genres. Be it a first date, a special birthday, a business occasion, or just the expression of a highly stylish personality, we have a one of a kind piece for you!