Handmade in Pittsburgh,Pa



We often get questions about the ease of our Knotz...well here it is in 5 easy (and under a minute) steps. Enjoy!! Let us know if you have any questions!!



Founded in Aug. 2014 by a Pittsburgh Lefty who while working at a coffee shop kind of stumbled upon her niche. The idea snowballed after the chance to turn a friends dear grandfather's favorite shirt into a bowtie for him so that he could continue to create memories.

This unique passion for repurposing was a thing long before the Knotz were born. For her entire childhood she would spend Saturdays thrifting for rare items with her mom and grandmother. Many times a thrifted piece had to be fixed-  and if it were an item of clothing there was the risk of it not fitting at all. Fast forwarding to adulthood and having years of thrifting under her belt, the once ill fitted things doomed for possible disposal became the first resource stash for creating these one of a kind pieces.

Giving new life to things that  go on & make new stories is the fuel that fires in Knotzland.


The bigger picture is the sustainability aspect. Often we take for granted the items that we already have here on earth and easily turn them into waste while continually producing more than we need.  Knotzland's mission is to change that narrative. With our stylish bowties, we are able to invite a wide range of people into the slow fashion conversation- without sacrificing style or quality.


Knotzland is proud to offer today's dandy a very new and unique experience. Our "out of the box" and ethical take on accessories has been a goto for men and women of many different backgrounds and occasions- from a first date, a special birthday, or just plain old  daily dapper- We have a one of a kind piece for you! 


Quality over Quantity

We are dedicated to sourcing and rescuing high-quality materials,and loving every minute in the process of remaking them into wonderful pieces that aren't harmful to the environment.

While building strong collaborations with designers, artists and organizations we aim to create an ecosystem that enhances awareness through stylish pieces, minimizes landfill waste, and ultimately creates jobs that will build skills that last a lifetime