STEAM PUNK: The Resurrection Collection .4

STEAM PUNK: The Resurrection Collection .4


STEAM PUNK: The Resurrection Collection

Artist Explanation by Nicole B.

The first steampunk inspired collection went from a fun idea to a real collection and it was exciting to see the response it got. I was honored to be asked to do a part two.

The color scheme and fabrics were inspired by the colors of Autumn and the Victorian/romantic elements of steampunk. The individual charms and gears are a collection of found art and some were originally used for jewelry. Some of the gears were sewn together to create a new look and further the look their wearable art piece.

At Knotzland we are always re-purposing and reinventing materials that are both found and donated to us. With this collection I did just that with a slight twist.

This collection was made with the previous one in mind but revamped just as we do with our materials. That is, I took the elements that were favorites in the previous collection and found similar items with a slightly different look. Which is what brings the name. I hope you enjoy The Resurrection Collection!

*All bowties are handmade for ultimate personality. The bowtie you will be receiving is the exact one in the photo. Colors may differ slightly from device to device. Our knotz are made with quality and durability in mind, all bowties have a neckband that can be adjusted to comfortably fit neck sizes 13-18 for fast stress-free styling.

Style: Pre-tied, two tier
Bow Size: approx 4" x 3" 
Fabric: Striped upholstery with lace overlay, satin bronze backing with solid bronze bird charm
Origin: Made in Pittsburgh, USA
Hardware: Metal fastening clasp

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