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Over 10.5 Million tons of discarded textile waste end up in populating landfills every year, most of which are polyesters and other synthetic blends that are not biodegradable- Think water bottles. The alarming part is that while Fashion is fast; production of textiles is neither fast nor easy. Fabric goes through a number of different channels -Design, Material Production, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Transport, mostly things that we don't even think about when buying our favorite piece. All of these stages have a devastating impact on our environment and Knotzland is here to save the day! 

We take the best in textile waste and reuse it to create stylish accessories that everyone loves! - Bowties. In doing this, we are vastly reducing the disposal of things that may other way be deemed unusable and ultimately end up laying around in polluting our environmental space.  We have an understanding that the process has been done, so why not get the most out of it an reduce the effects of its afterlife? Why not extend the use of things that already exist? Hey, we even have our customers sending in fabric to create ties out of their once cherished garments! 

A win for our Partners, a win for our Customers and an overall win for our Environment

Founded in August of 2014 by Nisha Blackwell who,downsized from a local coffee shop, decided to brew her own ideas. Spurred by a passion the world around her and building an environmentally friendly business, Knotzland became a reality. Some of our favorite partners and places to source and rescue High-Quality pieces are The Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, T's Upholstery and the Pittsburgh Opera. The vision is the first step. Knotzland aims to build a powerhouse upcycling business in with goals of building an ecosystem that supports people and the environment all while using items that exist in the Universe.  

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Skills Sharing

As a self-taught seamstress, our Founder realizes the importance of educational opportunities. We train and work with women in our community to share the gift of learning to sew. This can do a number of things for an individual, rather it be earning a couple extra bucks, inspiration for them to chase their dreams of Entrepreneurship or sparking the ability to invest in fixing and reworking the clothing in their own closet, our environment is open and welcoming to the possibility. 






Quality over Quantity

We realize that fashion is a huge industry, with the capacity to crank out numerous look-alike items. We however, are dedicated to sourcing and rescuing high-quality materials, and we enjoy the process required to repurpose our found treasure into creative pieces that have a fashion our customers can trust are unique to their individual style. Our loving approach to design emphasizes quality over quantity as we carefully locate, repurpose, and create locally-crafted custom pieces.

We seek out collaborative relationships with designers, artists and organizations who share our passion as we create a development ecosystem that enhances style, minimizes the impact on the environment, and creates job skills that will last a lifetime.





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