Josiah + Knotz [Customer Stories]

Meet Josiah,

Josiah purchased a tie for a headshot as a part of YNGBLKPGH. When we met him he was immediately drawn to this tie that had been in our collection for quite some time. While packing our ties to present we had a feeling that this one would resonate with him due to his work at a local non-profit. Never ever would we have imagined that there was a much bigger back story. Josiah wore the tie home one weekend, while at his mom house she immediately recognized the print and went to pull out this pillow. A pillow that Josiah says had been in their family for years, but he hasn't seen it in awhile. "I remember growing up and my mom saying this was how we wanted our family to be; diverse and all together hand and hand. So this is why I was so drawn to this tie in particular!"


Thank you Josiah!